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Textile printing

Textile printing is an effective solution in the case of:

– Assembly on frames with fabric, including backlit arrangements
– Flags used for events or for points of sale
– Media intended for flexible window display
– Graphics intended for exibitions and fairs

In response to market trends and requests from our customers we have been striving to perfect the technology of textile printing over the last few years.

We specialize in two kinds of printing:

Sublimation printing (eco-printing)

Sublimation, commonly known as “dyeing”, is a thermal-transfer printing. The printing is done with specialized water-based paints laid on transfer paper. Later, at high pressure and temperature, the application (the print) is transferred onto the fabric. Only specially prepared textiles are used for the process of sublimation:

– Polyester of 110g and 210g in weight
– Backlight fabrics of 260-280g
– Stretchy textiles intended for exhibition walls

The maximum width of printing in this technology is 250cm.
Sublimation printing is characterized by vivid colors as well as high wear and UV resistance.
An important advantage of this technology is the fact that it is environmentally friendly. We print with scentless, water-based inks, consistent with OEKO-TEX standard. The inks do not emit harmful chemical substances and can be exploited in products intended for adults and children as well.

A printout obtained via sublimation process is resuable. When it becomes dusty, one can dismantle and wash it. After the cleaning process, the printed object can be displayed again.
There is a number of ways in which this medium can be assembled. In order to install it on the frame the fabric can be upholstered with a silicon tape, a velcro fastening or a so-called sleeve can be attached to it. We can also implement individual orders according to client’s specifications.

UV Printing

This is another option for textile printing. At the moment this technology allows for printing up to 155cm in width. The prints are high quality and they are characterized by very high wear and UV resistance. Like sublimation, UV printing can be applied to frame and window arrangements. The method is cheaper and faster than sublimation yet it has some disadvantages such as lower mechanical strength of the printout and specific odour of the fabric.