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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of materials do you print on?
Thanks to constant investment in modern machinery we can offer high quality service in:
textile printing via thermal transfer or UV technology
UV printing on stiff and rolled surfaces: cardboards, PCV boards, plexiglass plates, films, blockout materials, and textiles
film printing via eco-solvent methods
solvent printing on banners and backlit displays

Processing an order- when does it start?
Processing of an of an order starts with submission of a written request from a client. The request shall be submitted electronically.
The order must contain precise specification of the scope of requested work and summary of agreed trade arrangements.
The order begins upon completion of the above procedure, and it can be monitored since then.

How to submit an order?
Your order is best submitted via e-mail or in writing (personal submission is suggested then).
If you are already our customer, please submit the order via e-mail addressed directly to our staff representative. Your order will receive a signature and will be processed accordingly. Our representative will then contact you whenever needed.

Can I select a courier service for my order?
Of course, you are free to select a courier company to collect your order from us. To make sure this is the case, your shipment request shall contain all information needed for proper delivery. In addition, you are expected to inform the courier service that you are the ordering party (and we are not).
Correctness of information in the shipment/collection request is your responsibility. All such requests are considered instances of personal collection – your order awaits collection by a representative of the courier company.
Please keep in mind that any issues or complains concerning delivery of your order shall be resolved between you and the courier company. Our responsibility ceases when the courier collects your ordered products from us.

Will submission of an order result in financial liability?
By submitting your order you become financially liable, which means you are legally bound to pay for the services and goods you have ordered.
When the order has been completed you will be asked to pay for it by cash, bank transfer or with a credit card.

Is a down-payment or pre-payment required?
Whether or not a down-payment or pre-payment is expected depends very much on the kind of business relationship we have with you as a partner. If the record of your orders and payments shows that you are a reliable customer, we have trust and will expect you to pay by the date agreed. In the case our liaison with you is new, the first three payments should be made upon or prior to collection of your order.
In exceptional cases, we reserve the right to ask for a down-payment or full pre-payment before completion of your order.

How is the order confirmed?
Your order will undergo verification by your personal adviser on our side who will make sure the order is correct and complete. In case of doubt, you will be asked to correct or update your order. Once the order has been accepted for implementation you will be notified of this fact.

Are prices quoted in the offer net or gross?
The prices quoted in our offer are net prices.
A gross price includes tax, such as VAT. The tax may vary depending on the country of its origin. In the case of EU clients, all our transactions are accounted for in net amounts. The clients pays VAT in their country of origin.

Is the price quoted in the offer final?
The price quoted in the offer shall be final when:
both parties are certain that information needed for implementation of the order is complete
adjustments have been made to account for optional costs (cf. of mounting, transporting, packaging)
the negotiation phase is considered closed
The offer we prepare for and present to a client is valid for 14 working days so as to limit possible risks, mainly the risk of varying prices of materials.

Will modification or re-submission of files by the customer influence implementation process in progress?
Modification or re-submission of files for an order that is already in the implementation phase will not only delay the implementation but also generate additional expenses needed to cover the cost of purchasing new materials and utilizing the ones already used. The cost of extra working time must be considered as well.
We are willing and ready to accept modifications and re-submissions of files for any implementation in progress and we have done so on many occasions. One should keep in mind, however, that this will always result in additional costs and postponement of deadlines.

What is the best way to submit files for implementation?
We recommend the following proven ways of submitting files for implementation:
File transfer services such as WeTransfer. It is a preferred method to submit big files without recourse to FTP. All you need to give with your file is our e-mail address. The rest is taken care of by the service that will email to us the link to your file.
E-mail, a method still preferred by many. Modern emailing systems let you send big files via e-mail, as attachments.
Sending your files to us on a CD, DVD or pen drive. Some clients still like it this way.

Are the form and contents of submitted files subject to verification?
We do not verify in any way the form and contents of the files you have submitted with your order. Nor do we check the legal status of your files, for example, the copyright status of photographs contained therein.
What we are willing to do is assist you in planning the graphic aspects of your work. You can even have the entire work designed by one of the graphic artists on our staff. Feel free to ask for the range and cost of such services which are part of our offer.

Can I request modification of my files to meet your specifications?
We are prepared to assist you in adopting the graphic aspects of your files to meet our technical specifications required by the production process. You will be asked to carefully re-examine and then accept (endorse) the modified files before we can start with their printing. The cost of file modification will be included as a separate item on your invoice.

Can implementation of an order be declined?
We reserve the right to decline implementation of an order whenever the contents to be printed may be considered offensive or may amount to discrimination on grounds of gender, age, race, etc.

How long are the files I submitted and samples you prepared for me stored?
We store your processed files and samples prepared for you for the period of 90 days. After that time, the files and samples are all deleted from our server with no prior or further notification. We can offer archiving of files upon customer’s request.

Can you produce a sample print-out or a prototype?
A sample print-out or a prototype is considered a product of its own and can be implemented upon an order from you which will be invoiced. If modifications of the prototype are requested, a new order will be required.

Should a specimen be delivered when an order is repeated?
Whenever you submit a repeated order, we expect that you will also deliver a specimen of the product ordered. It should be the version you once accepted and endorsed with your signature. Otherwise you will have to recon with differences between the former and the present version of the product.

Is there an option of collecting printed materials in person?
Printed materials can be collected in person at our premises in Milanówek, Grudowska 65a or in Warszawa, Białobrzeska 15. Personal collection during working hours (8:00-16:00) is free of charge. Collection at other times is possible upon prior notification, for a fee of 50 PLN.

Should the print-outs or products collected be checked upon receipt?
Errors may happen even when all prescribed procedures have been followed. We strongly recommend that you check the print-outs or goods collected from a courier or in person (for quantity and quality). Please endorse the receipt of our products with your signature.