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Banners – types and uses

Banner is the most economical type of advertisement.

The choice of the right material is half the success. Depending on the planned location, time and type of exposition we can choose among various media: more or less pliable, translucent or opaque as well as the media reflecting light in the dark.

The most popular banner types are

Frontlit banners
This type of medium has been used in standard and economical advertisements, such as banners displayed on fences, building fronts etc. Backlit banners, as opposed to frontlit ones, are intended for backlight displays such as light-boxes. The surface of the banner is homogeneous and resembles tarpaulin. Two kinds frontlit banners are offered on the market – laminated and coated ones.

Laminated banner (Standard)
Laminated, 450-510 g/m2 – matte or glossy, intended for one-sided printing.
Indoor usage – among others, on versatile storefront displays
Outdoor usage – on fences and facades, for short-term exposition (up to 1 year)

Coated banner (Premium) with flammability certificate
Coated banner 450-510 g/m2 – matte, intended for one-sided printing

Outdoor usage – on fences and facades, for long-term exposition (over 1 year)

Blockout banner
Blockout banner 440-450 g/m2 – intended for one-sided and two-sided printing.
Coated material, with black nylon-polyester divider which stops light and prevents the image on the other side from showing through. The divider in the material ensures that even when backlit the medium stays opaque and the graphics displayed is perfectly readable.

Blockout is used in exhibition systems as well as a medium for printing of advertisement walls, roll-ups, point on sale (POS) materials, all of which are particularly popular at fairs, exhibitions and store fronts. Thanks to its properties, this material does not shred or roll up at corners and therefore is ideally suitable for roll-ups, shelf-stoppers and hangers.
Blockout can be used for indoor and outdoor expositions. It can be duplex printed, on the front and back side. It has perfect welding and eye-letting properties, and it has considerable tensile strength.

Backlight banner
A banner made of high-quality material that transmits light. It is ideal for lightboxes, pylons or other illuminated advertisements. With back lighting the effect is similar to that of other translucent materials such as lightbox membrane or plexiglass. Typical banner-like treatment makes it suitable for use where a standard lightbox film cannot be implemented.
The technology used in the production process guarantees the highest color fastness.

Reflective banner
Reflective banners can be used whenever a 24-hour visible exposition without additional illumination is a must. Banners with prismatic qualities combine the advantages of advertisement tables with reflective film and banner mobility. The ease of transport, of possible thermal treatment, and of combing multiple panels of arbitrary size are definite assets of this product. Another advantage is an affordable price.