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Face shield

Face shield BASIC – EU certificate
Face shield BASIC – Certificate registration

CIOP-PIB – Test Report on the face shield BASIC (pdf)
CIOP-PIB – Test Report on the face shield PRO (pdf)

Cleansing and disinfection of the face shield

New needs lead to novel solutions. We capitalize on the potential of our machinery as well as ex-pertise and skills of our workers to produce face shields.

Protect yourself and your employees. Place your order today!

The face shield of 32cmx24cm in size (when flat) is made of colorless film lined with foam or felt.
A 60cm long head band with a 20mm velcro strap serves as a tightening element. This protects your face against virus transmission through an unintentional contact of your hands with the eyes or mouth.

Our product has been tested in the laboratory of the Central Institute for Labor Protection (CIOP-BIP), a certified national standardization authority. It conforms to the standards: EN166:2001, p.7.1.1 and p.7.2.8 (for protection area); EN 166.200, p. (for light transmission factor) and EN 166:2001, p. (for optical quality). The film used for the face shield is covered with a spe-cial electrostatic anti-fog coating and has the light transmission factor of 81%. Thus, the face shield can also be used in every-day situations, for reading or computer work.

CIOP-PIB – Test Report on the face shield BASIC (pdf)
CIOP-PIB – Test Report on the face shield PRO (pdf)

The product is intended for medical personnel, ambulance service staff, rescue crews and anybody else involved in the fight against SARS-CoV-2.

The face shield can be used in any emergency situation during epidemic crisis.

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Warning labels

Protect yourself and others! Order warning and information labels indispensable in your shop, pharmacy, restaurant or retail point of sale.

The labels are uniform in size, 40cmx60cm.

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